Kaleidoscope Exploration at Art Of Toys

Featured Art: Kaleidoscopes from master craftsmen Jon Greene of Chesnik Scopes, Sheryl Koch, Lori Riley of Riley Designs, Scott Cole, Steve Gray and Marc Tickle of On Reflection. And Wayne Edfors digital prints from Griddriven.

Art Of Toys is excited to present the kaleidoscope artwork of six master kaleidoscope artists from across the USA including Chesnik Scopes artisan Jon Greene, Sheryl Koch, Lori Riley, Scott Cole, Steve Gray and Marc Tickle for the month of March. No two scopes are alike created by these world class artists who are masters in the art of kaleidoscope creation. All the scopes are beautiful on the outside but for the kaleidoscope artist achievement is what is inside the scope is what counts. How many points of light the artist can achieve is the ultimate goal which is determined by the mirror systems and the wheel art achieved by each artist. Come see what happens when one mirror is blacked out… a peek inside of this interactive artwork will be memorable!

Kaliedoscope Event Project

Sacramento artist Wayne Edfors uses technology to create art with deep meaning and far reaching possibilities. Edfors uses multiple online spaces to archive, create and curate how the human experience can be represented. Edfors incorporates printed original digital artworks, painted canvas, filters and toys(vintage, retro, and modern) which are photographed, collaged, morphed and manipulated before #KALEIDOSCOPE seen!


It was 1816 when Scottish scientist and inventor Sir David Brewster created the first kaleidoscope while mastering the mathematics of light polarization and optics. From all of his study in the world of optics, Brewster then identified a method of creating repetitive images of color and shape by setting reflective surfaces at specific angles, and thus the kaleidoscope was born.

Kaleidoscope Art Jubilee Sheryl Koch 2

Come discover the magical art of the kaleidoscope the whole family will have a ooohh ah moment!  Start your 2nd Saturday adventure first at Art Of Toys in the heart of the Handle District then choose from 22 restaurants within walking distance! Art Activity will be out front FREE for all ages from 5:30 till dark. Take a FREE kaleidoscope portrait all month and pick up a FREE Mandala color sheet!

We are trying to get it all online at http://artoftoys.com/kaleidoscopes/  and can ship to you.