Robot Toy Art at Art Of Toys Gallery

Robot Toy Art at Art Of Toys Gallery this month featuring Sacramento legend Chris Cinder’s cardstock bots and original paintings! For all you fans get in quick selling as they are hung! Just to tease the photo is one already sold!

Betty Bot Chris Cinder


Introducing a new artist to Sacramento and  to Art Of Toys, but not to the art world, is the fantastic robot paintings of Bryan Ward. Originals and prints available.

blue bot

A selection from Sacramento recycle artist, Robert Gordon always a new take on the robot world .,, what will he come up with next?

feeling-red-robot-robert-gordonGarry Gay robot photos are just too much fun!

Garry Gay Robots and Bubblegum Photo Art


Most can be found on our online toy art gallery as well as on the walls of the Sacramento gallery. Have a HUGE assortment of robot related toys at show. Help support these talented and creative artists while adding to your collectible toy art.