Out Of This World with Larry Cazes

This month in the gallery Art Of Toys feature Kaleidoscopes and Marbles with the wonderful out of this world “Galaxy” marbles of Larry Cazes of San Jose.
Larry Cazes 1
Born in 1966 in Plainfield New Jersey, Larry has been living and working in San Francisco Bay Area since 1991 and as an artist since 2012. Larry began working with glass because he was attracted to the unique ability of the material to transform, and transmit light and form. In his work he strives to create surreal landscapes and abstract constructs that speak to him about the beauty that exists in the world around him. Larry often likes to draw from his childhood memories and passions such as glass marbles and science fiction novels and movies.
When he goes into his studio to plan and create a piece he always has a general theme in mind but will not know exactly where the glass will lead. with each new piece of work he hopes to visit new places and explore new ideas. The jurney and the excitement of creation is what keeps him going back.