Katie Enewold

Katie’s Gallery

Katie Enewold has a mission to make people laugh and smile thru her wonderful whimsical jewelry!

Katie grew up in Reno the youngest of nine children. The first piece of jewelry Katie remembers making was when she was 5 or 6 inspired by her father, an antique gunsmith who had his workshop in the basement of their old house. Her dad had to babysit one day and since he still wanted to work he came up with creative play for Katie and her siblings on the basement steps. With an old quarter (our own) and a spoon (in those days the spoons were heavier and silver plated) we sat and hit the silver quarter with the spoon for hours (sometimes days) until they thought it would be the size of their respective fingers. Then he would drill it out on his lathe to make us a ring. An ingenious way to keep a bunch of little kids busy for a long period of time, even at that young age Katie was amazed at how you could make something really cool out of something pretty ordinary. Finally it was very inspirational and it made Katie realize she had “busy hands” and really liked making things.

Katie’s “art education” continued at the local park where the city sponsored an “Arts and Recreation” program every weekday in the summertime. Katie learned how to make woven baskets and created numerous lanyards and key chains for friends and family. This led to arts and crafts, dabbled in pottery, weaving, batik, stained glass, quilting etc. It was always fun and exciting to take classes and make presents for home, herself and friends.

Katie had been a telephone installer for many years and got laid off as an installer and rehired as an operator. If the call volume was slow, you could work on projects while waiting for calls. Katie took up knitting to pass the time. Her hand knitting eventually led to getting a knitting machine and ended up supplementing her income by working for a designer who had a line of knitted garments. She wanted to make some sterling silver buttons for a sweater she was making so took a class in metalsmithing at the community college in Monterey. She made 2 buttons and fell in love with jewelry making and had finally found her avocation in life. That was over 20 years ago and has been making jewelry ever since. Katie has taken many classes and workshops over the years from many great teachers and feel that the many skills She has learned that in the other craft fields added to her work as a jeweler.

Katies work is whimsical and combines recycled/repurposed things (toys, game pieces, typewriter and computer parts) with traditional metalsmithing materials (silver copper brass).
Katie’s jewelry incorporates two of the loves of her life…”scavenging and creating.”