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Bears for Humanity-Snugglie


100% Organic!

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Bears for Humanity-Snugglie

Bears for Humanity-Snugglie is now at Art Of Toys and we have chosen this toy for five reasons:
1. Certified 100% organic materials
2. Bears for Humanity gives a bear to children in need for every bear sold.
3. Made in USA
4. Partnership with CalWorks- employees are engaged in improving their lives
5. CUTE!

A child’s toy is an incredibly intimate item. At Bears for humanity they think the things our little ones play with and sleep with should meet the same high standards as the food they eat and the clothes they wear. After two years and thousands of revisions, Bears for Humanity have developed the safest, softest materials possible. They care that the toy your child turns to for comfort is up to the challenge. This isn’t the rough kid from down the street; this is a playmate that needs no supervision.

Bears for Humanity is committed to improving the world around us. Our bears do their part, and in turn our company does the same. Our assembly facilities are wholly-located in Union City, CA, staffed by incredibly motivated, worthy crew members. In partnership with the state assistance agency CalWorks, our team includes family-oriented, energetic individuals who qualify for this work assistance program. Whether they have been affected by the loss of a family member, traumatic life-events, or are a foster family, our employees are engaged in improving their lives, while we work to improve the lives of thousands of children in need. We are committed to creating jobs in our community, for hard-working Americans.

Bears for Humanity Giving Network
Giving away all these bears to children in need is hard work! To make sure our precious teddy bears get into the right little hands we have partnered with a number of reputable charitable organizations. They each bring their own expertise to the process, and ensure that each gifted teddy bear is personally delivered with love and care to just the right child. Whether it’s to children with a life-threatening illness, an underprivileged home, or a needy veteran’s family, our bears end up just where we want them: with someone who could use a smile. We love what we do, and only partner with organizations that share our values.


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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 in


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