Birdland Comic Book by Shane Murphy


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Birdland Comic Book by Shane Murphy

Birdland is a 24 page issue, black and white comic book series set amidst the final moments of that decafe of opulence referred to by F. Scott Fitsgerald as the “Jazz Age”, and the emerging terror and despondency of the Great Depression. The Story itself is an exploration of personel failure, contrition and redemption played out against a backdrop of economic collapse and the struggle to restore stability to a nation crippled by fear. While specifically written a a crime noir, Birdland is also heavily rooted in music, art and religious history with a back story spanning three centuries to the Baroque period, the Counter Reformation, and the origins of Opera.

Shane Murphy is an illustrator known for his painstaking, high detail, black and white imagery.  For the previous 2015 Art Hotel project he illustrated a comic book story spanning three separate floors.  For 2016 Art Street he branched out into sculpture as a way of exploring familiar themes in an unfamiliar voice.

Artist Statement: Art has long been a passion of mine, but until recently, one relegated to hobby status. Something I loved to do with the time that wasn’t spent working in an unfulfilling job for the sole purpose of paying the bills. And like most creative people, most of that time was spent trying to figure out how I could make a living doing what I actually enjoyed! I never really thought art could be a career option. So I continued to work, while using my spare time sketching out incoherent story ideas that would never really amount to anything because I would never be able to compete them in order to actually share them with anyone. My comic book, Birdland, was a conscious decision to change all that.

Shane Murphy


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