Biscuit Monster Puppet by Gerry Hansen


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Biscuit Monster Puppet by Gerry Hansen

Biscuit Monster Puppet by Gerry Hansen is a large fun head made as a project in CSUS Richard Bay Puppet class. You will love the playful quality of this fun puppet made from long blue fur! Part of Art Of Toys September Puppet Show so cannot ship until 10/1.

Approx 13″ X 12″

About the Artist:  

Gerry Hansen is not much of a puppeteer or any kind of artist for that matter.  He’s basically a good guy who likes to keep things light and positive while participating in life’s smorgasbord of activities.  For Gerry those activities range from caring for a majestic Bonsai Forest in his backyard and practicing Tai Chi in a park, to refereeing ice hockey and working on mopeds and puppets in the garage.  He doesn’t know why he’s making puppets or where it will lead him but thats what makes it so exciting and fun.  Perhaps the reason is that he was inspired by a puppetry class he took during his last semester at Sac State from Professor Richard Bay, a most wonderful and talented man.  Also Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, The Muppets and Crank Yankers have had lasting affects on his psyche.  All puppets are hand sewn and hand made by Gerry’s soft un-calloused happy hands.  Thank you for looking!


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