XXChesnik Kaleidoscope Sm Classic Agate


Chesnik Classic Agate Chrome kaleidoscope handcrafted by Cape Cod artist Jon Greene with a 3 mirror system.

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Chesnik Kaleidoscope Sm Classic Agate

When I started exploring the kaleidoscope world the name “Chesnik Scopes” came up over and over as one of the leaders in the field. I am proud to present them here. Here is a fun scope that would fit on a business desk easy!

Small Classic Agate scope by Jon Greene for Chesnik Scopes is a 3 mirror system in a 6.5” L x 1.5 diameter chrome tube. The images are created by using a three mirror system which are made of equilateral triangle of front surface mirrors, creating a full field of images.- Includes two 3” diameter wheels, Brazilian agate slices makes the first wheel with hand crafted stained glass for the second wheel. This hand held scope rests on a black wood base this hand held scope rests on a black wood base and is handmade by artist Jon Greene. Signed by artist and comes with artist bio and provenance. You will love the complexity of the image with a simple sleek container.

There are several details which make every Chesnik kaleidoscope special.

-They seem to amplify light. Even indoors, the image inside a Chesnik kaleidoscope is bright and lively.

-Kaleidoscope is made 2 mirrors. It is fun to explore the difference 1 mirror can make.

-Collectable and fun. If you have two Chesnik ‘scopes, you can get one with 2 mirror optics and the other with 3 mirror optics. and different wheel designs- You can switch them around.

-The wheels feature unique designs. The fiesta wheel is made from millefiori handmade by Janice Chesnik

-The tubes and wheel parts have a lifetime no-tarnish finish.




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Dimensions 10 x 6 x 6 in


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