Dinosaurs Attack Boston Wendy Giminski


Watch out Boston!

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Dinosaurs Attack Boston Wendy Giminski

Dinosaurs Attack Boston Wendy Giminski is a super fun look at gourd art from returning artist Wendy Giminski or better known as Ethyleen. Wendy originally was part of the Art Of Toys Wheels Show last October and we are excited to be able to show a collection of her work for the 2017 Retrospect Show!

Dinosaurs Attack Boston! When Worlds Collide! Like Mothra v. Godzilla, this is the story of Pterodactyl v. Cicada. Stop the presses!- T-Rex has Pork for lunch! Screaming women near Swampscott! Cockroach showdown south of Quincy! Cicadas boiling up from the underside of the gourd encroaching on South Boston! But not to worry- Pterodactyls are swarming in for the kill. There’s even one flying inside the gourd over T- Rex. The City is safe!

9″ tall from top of stem curve to base of gourd, 5″ across, 5″ deep, 16″ circumference.

Collage, Diorama, Gourdoramas have plastic toys, some altered, some not, decals of my original drawings, copies of vintage ads and illustrations altered and composited in and on the Gourd. All combined to make a weird scene just because I’m OBSESSED with Aliens, 50’s B-grade sci fi movies, Star Trek, X-Files, Twilight Zone, 40’s and 50’s pin up and beer ads and illustration styles, Repo Man, They Live, and Dinosaurs. “It’s About Time” to PUT on the GLASSES!

*IMPORTANT NOTE about Gourd Sculptures*
These creations are VERY FRAGILE!
Do not get wet!
Some have a screw eye to hang them with, others require a base.
For all without a screw eye to hang with, I will include a circular base (a PVC plumbing part) either 3″ or 4″ across (randomly black or white), to use while you find a better one. The gourds are irregularly shaped, so they will not fit exactly on theses perfectly round bases all the time. Just be CAREFUL!



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