Disneykin Dumbo Marx


1960 Disneykins Dumbo by Marx Toys Walt Disney Productions is from the original 34 figures

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Disneykin Dumbo Marx

1960 Disneykins Dumbo Marx Toys Walt Disney Productions is from the original 34 figures. There was also a ringmaster and Timothy Mouse in this series. This piece has good play condition paint with one pinpoint mark on bottom. Disneykin Dumbo Marx is approx 1 ½” x 1 ½”. Disneykins, miniature painted plastic figures (Hong Kong) were product of Louis Marx & Company from 1961 to mid 70’s. The original 34 figures came in individual boxes, sets, and many combinations. Larger sizes are known as Disney Fun Pals. There were also special sets with accessories and a premiums for companies such as RCA and Royal Gelatin that included additional figures. Rolykins were a later variation.

References: O’Brien’s Collecting Toys 12th Edition pg. 289 Tomarts illustrated Disneyana catalog and price guide Vol 1 by Tom Tumbusch pg.139 http://www.disneykins.com/

The display is branded with the ELM company logo. ELM was a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of Louis Marx Toys. The initials ELM stands for Empire Louis Marx. ELM products are essentially the same as those made by the Louis Marx Toy Company. Individually-boxed Disneykins were frequently sold under the ELM trademark.

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