Guido DiGeronimo Hellboy

Guido DiGeronimo Hellboy


Original drawing!

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Guido DiGeronimo Hellboy

Guido DiGeronimo Hellboy is a beautiful adaptation of Hellboy (if Hellboy can be beautiful). An original sketch with red pencil, airbrush, ink on paper. Art Of Toys is proud to introduce this young talented artist in his first public showing.


Artist Statement:  Born and raised in Italy a few miles south of Rome, Guido grew up in an artistic environment thanks to his dad Ercole, a painter and sculptor, graduate of the Accademia delle belle arti. Although he was influenced by his dads art he was never classically trained, his passion for drawing never tapered off, so unlike most kids that stop drawing once they find something more interesting, he kept at it and eventually got better. 

Why do you do it?

” The answer to that is pretty simple, I just like drawing, once you spend enough time with a piece you get into a rhythm where the feeling of passing time is altered, it’s just you and the drawing, it’s a very therapeutic and solitary time that I truly enjoy. Everybody used to draw and color when they were young, I just never stopped.”

Guido Di Geronimo

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