LEGO Jewelry Metro Green 1x1  by emiko oye g

LEGO® Jewelry Metro Green 1×1 by emiko oye


LEGO® Metro Green 1×1 basic mini bracelet by San Francisco artist emiko oye.

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LEGO® Jewelry Metro Green 1×1  by emiko oye

LEGO® Jewelry Metro Green 1×1  by emiko oye inspired by haute couture and salvaged materials, San Francisco artist emiko oye creates these fun and funky bracelets from recycled and repurposed LEGO®. This work of art has a edgy look for all ages. This artwork “Metro Green 1×1”is made up in hues of green and black. You will love stacking them or adding to the wider bracelets for a great chunky look. Available in 8 color combinations emiko recycles, repurposes creating sustainable fashion statements.

Often bought for and by men to wear in the gallery!


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in


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