Margaux Lange Barbie Eye Ring

Margaux Lange Barbie Eye Ring


Eye see you!

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Margaux Lange Barbie Eye Ring

Margaux Lange Barbie Eye Ring is a Barbie eye encased in a hand-fabricated sterling silver setting and framed in soft aqua blue  resin surround. Ring is adjustable with an  oxidized silver finishing. Artist signature on back. Entirely hand-fabricated from start to finish, jewelry made by Margaux Lange using salvaged Barbie doll parts, sterling silver and hand-pigmented resins.


• It’s OK if the plastic doll parts and/or epoxy resin get wet. Water alone will not harm the materials.
• If the plastic doll parts get dirty, a non-abrasive soap (e.g. liquid dish soap) and warm water works well to gently clean the pieces.
• Store away from direct sunlight, do not use commercial jewelry cleaners or solvents.
• While epoxy resin is somewhat durable and will sustain most normal wear and tear, it does have the potential to scratch and/or stain.
• While the plastic doll parts are somewhat durable, they do have the potential to scratch
and/or stain.

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