The Nasturium's Hummingbird Laurelin Gilmore

The Nasturtium’s Hummingbird by Laurelin Gilmore


Original watercolor on paper

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The Nasturtium’s Hummingbird by Laurelin Gilmore

The Nasturtium’s Hummingbird by Laurelin Gilmore is an original watercolor on paper by Sacramento artist Laurelin Gilmore. This whimsical  portrait of a children of the forest offered at Art Of Toys Fairy and Dragon Show. Framed with glass and black ikea frame.

21x 17 framed

Artist Statement:

I began as a pencil artist but have experimented with a variety of other mediums. While I am very comfortable with drawing materials and the immediacy of that form, my forays into the world of oil painting have been incredibly exciting for me. My subject matter and style are somewhat varied, but the human figure has always been my touchstone. My goal is to record on the paper or canvas as well I can the beauty of everyday through realism, surrealism and fantasy.

My art serves three main purposes: to express some aspect of the subject’s hidden truth through the addition of animal or insect appendages; to look at the place where separates meet, and explore through fantasy the experience of the would-be fence sitters as go-betweens or translators; and more precisely because I am a woman of blended or mixed ethnicity, and I want to express this experience in my art, many times I will blend species rather than cultures to move the message more clearly to the forefront.

The reactions people have to paintings of people with horns, hooves, wings and scales is much the same as the reactions people have to me and mine. Sometimes admiration, sometimes revulsion. I do not eschew the old adage, “paint what you see”, I am only trying to present a new way of seeing it.

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