Assemblage Toy Art Rebecca Casey


Rebecca Casey has created a statement in time for you with this wonderful assemblage piece.

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Assemblage Toy Art Rebecca Casey

California ceramic artist Rebecca Casey has created a statement in time for you with this wonderful Assemblage Toy Art piece “Playboy” incorporating her unique one of a kind ceramic artwork with vintage and contemporary toys. The engineering of this artwork is a statement of the ingenuity Rebecca puts into each unique piece. The Scrabble pieces on the chest spell out new and old toys… can you find some of your favorites? The back of the body has a domino game in action. A Rubber Duckie, wood Teddy bear and Sponge Bob are only some of the fun toys used. Playboy is 23” seated and 12” across shoulders and 17” deep from backside to kneecap. In her artist statement Casey explained: “I began hand building with clay after experimenting with several other art forms. Within minutes of feeling the soft, malleable clay in my hands, I knew I had found my medium. It is therapeutic and rewarding; I enjoy manipulating the clay and creating pieces that have unique personalities.”

Sustainability refers to the capacity of something to endure and Rebecca has created a timeless piece with reusing toys to create her sustainable art.




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