Playforever Enzo Metallic Blue


Has all the sleek lines of a work of art

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Playforever Enzo Metallic Blue

Playforever Enzo Metallic Blue designed by London designer Julian Meagher has all the sleek lines of a work of art for your home as well as fun play value! Rich deep metallic blue plastic with solid black rubber wheels and contrasting chrome highlights make this toy fun and beautiful. It is made with ABS plastic and rubber tires; thick moldings to give weight and high gloss quality parts that are tested to meet specific performance requirements including endurance and finish. The toys are virtually indestructible and yes, the manufacturer expect, they can be played with forever. They are equally at home on the shelf of a stylish nursery or the office table of a company executive. So far the majority sold at Art Of Toys have gone to adults but the kids would love as well. The bike is 10” long and 7.25” wide at sidecar 5” tall at driver. There is a number “4” on sidecar wheel and front nose of motorbike.


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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 10 in


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