Rook Necklace Katie Enewold

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Vintage Rook  create this necklace by San Jose, California artist Katie Enewold who is a sustainable artist that refurbish and reuses game pieces and toys.

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Rook Necklace Katie Enewold

 Parker Brothers created Rook in the early 1900s and released the game in 1906. The Rook deck consists of 57 cards: a blue Rook Bird card, similar to a joker, and 56 cards divided into four suits, or colors. The Rook Bird card is the highest trump card in the game.

This work of art Rook Necklace Katie Enewold is designed around and for the Rook Bird card that has been encased in resin on the central medallion by California artist Katie Enewold. This exquisite necklace is a combination of such unique beads that it has a real “Wow” factor to it! Katie has made sterling silver and brass coiled and swirled beads with lamp work glass dice and turquoise bird beads. Katie bought the bird beads on her travels to Turkey at the Grand Bazaar. Due to communication limits Katie is not sure if the bird beads are carved turquoise or some sort of turquoise composite mixture.  There is an 8″ drop to this necklace. The whole look is very striking work of sustainable art!


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