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Marca Castillo Art Doll Rosemary


 Whimsical Gothic fantasy doll Rosemary by Marca Castillo.

Product Description

Marca Castillo Art Doll Rosemary

Marca Castillo art doll Rosemary is a witch who is an extremely talented potion manufacturer! Her knowledge of herbs and natural remedies is vast and provides the spine to her successful spells and magic. It is not easy to earn her trust and she is not one that likes to socialize. Rosemary would rather be alone perfecting her potions but if she lets you into her circle she is loyal, supportive and very caring. Marca Castillo art doll Rosemary is 16 (according to Marca) approx 21” by my tape … I know that is 5 “ difference but Rosemary is sitting so I started at heel to knee, knee to bottom and bottom to top of head and get 21” maybe it is magic! Her hat adds another 6”. If you measure from sitting to top of hat is is closer to 16”. Her Cloth legs, shoes, body and dress are hand painted with details. She is wearing knit fingerless gloves to show off her wonderful fingers complete with black polish (being mystical she only has 4 of course). Her hair is wild Tibetan Goat that has a look of its own. The features on this incredible sculpted face including elf like ears will stand out in each ones collection. She is part of Marca’s Goth family.

Every doll is handcrafted by Marca so each one has its own unique personality and look. The concept, clothing and painting are one of a kind for each doll. Sculpted parts are hand poured into a resin mold and hand finished. This wonderful fantasy doll was created by Marca in 2010.

Artist bio and provenance papers included.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 8 in


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