Sister Mari Isabel Artist Doll by LaLa Ortiz


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Sister Mari Isabel Artist Doll by LaLa Ortiz

Sister Mari Isabel Artist Doll by LaLa Ortiz is a beautiful OOAK piece just in time for Day of the Dead.This combination of elegance and a bit of ghostly will bring a creative touch to your home or office year round. Mixed media with polymer head, hands and feet is 16″ tall in a perfect nun’s habit.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I feel fortunate to have grown up in an environment surrounded by so many interesting people and places. The early exposure to so many limitless possibilities is part of what has given me the open outlook on life and all that it has to offer. Pure magic!

As a child I loved nothing more than to run off into a quiet corner by myself and make things.
I used to hide in the closet after bed time to read and secretly work on my projects, usually toys, dolls, and puppets. Anything with moving parts were fascinating favorites!

Art has the ability to transport me completely away from reality. Away from my regular, everyday life of alarm clocks, deadlines, and dirty dishes! Once I go off into my studio, “my quiet little corner,” all of the world just melts away. It is just peaceful and everything is right in my own little world! I still prefer to work in the middle of the night. The dark side of midnight is when my creative juices begin to flow. Self doubt and anxiety fade away.

Without this escape from I would just go nuts! Anyway, this creative outlet is what makes my day feel productive and that my life is worth living. It is the difference for me between earning a living and making a life. I know this sounds extreme but, this is my reality. Without it I would quickly perish.

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