Steve Gray Squeeze Me Kaleidoscope


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Steve Gray Squeeze Me Kaleidoscope

Steve Gray Squeeze Me Kaleidoscope Polyangular Series was introduced in 2012. The maple and cherry woods have a hand-rubbed, oil finish that enhances the grain of the wood and offers a silky-smooth tactical feel. Steve always attempts to interpret kaleidoscopes in a new way, and Squeeze Me is true to that legacy. Squeeze Me has a 2 mirror, polyangular system with a smooth wooden toggle on the side of barrel that is used to adjust the angle of the mirrors. Polyangular, meaning the user sees mandala at its widest with 5 points and then with a simple “squeeze” the image tightens to many more points.

The scope sits in a stand and can be viewed as a parlor scope or it can be easily lifted out of the stand and used as a hand held kaleidoscope. On it’s stand it measures 10 1/2” high and 8” deep.

Squeeze Me is an open edition with each handcrafted scope offering a unique series of images.

What is so cool about a polyangular scope? The mirrors provide yet another variety of creation as the user can change the angles of the mirrors in relation to each other (hence many angles or polyangular). This provides many different possible points of the image with one kaleidoscope. Steven Gray


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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 8 in

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