Teleidoscope Bubblelushish by Steven Gray


Is it a teleidoscope or a kaleidoscope? Two in one!

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Teleidoscope Bubblelushish by Steven Gray

Teleidoscope Bubblelushish by Steven Gray is a multi lens, 5 point mirror image handcrafted in Maple Wood and Figured Walnut Wood. This unusual scope has the interior image of a kaleidoscope but changes not only with a turn of the wheel but also when you face new images.

Teleidoscopes are cousins to kaleidoscopes in that they use the same types of mirror systems but instead of a fixed palate of tumbling colored pieces in an object chamber, teleidoscopes use a mirror system and no color chips rather a spherical ball lens on the end. The image is created from whatever you point at! The interior image is a 2 mirror system 5 pointed Star featuring and 5 pointed star round image inside. Imagine a piece of pie repeated 5 times around interior image.

  • Dimensions are approx 9 inches long by 2 inches in diameter

  • 2 Mirror system 5 Point Star image inside

  • Walnut base is included.

  • Signed by the artist with his woodburned signature “SG” For Steven Gray.

Additional information

Weight 176 oz
Dimensions 13 x 6 x 6 in

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