Marilyn Radzat Art Doll The Offering


The Offering is a one of a kind vampire bride  doll art that was featured in Doll Art Magazine.

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Marilyn Radzat Art Doll The Offering

Marilyn Radzat art doll The Offering is  an one of a kind piece you will love the benefits of the hand sculpted results that create this exquisite ProSculpt clay piece by Marilyn Radzat. The Offering is hand painted and costumed in antique silk velvet from the early 1900’s and adorned with shell points, Swarovski rhinestones and Italian mirrored mosaic tiles. You will quickly see the skill created in the many details from the shell headdress to the mirror mosaic under tiles that guarantee a unique and exquisite piece for your fine collection. This piece is featured in Art Doll Quarterly Feb/Mar/Apr 2011 pg 94.

The Offering” was inspired by the Twilight Series of books and by my desire to express more of an “edge” to my work.

I wanted this piece to speak of the moment of realization….the moment of becoming a vampire, and the emotional moment of quenching one’s first “thirst”.

One would feel a new awareness, perhaps a sadness and longing for what is now no longer the life she was used to living. I think it would be a very poignant moment as she recognizes and offers the first drop of what represents her new eternal life.

The vibrant mosaic that is revealed under her gown is representative of the deep well of intensity of her being.

While her purple gown is somber, there are hints of her recklessness offered in her headpiece shards.

It is only when you peek at the hidden underside of her being that you can imagine the power and intensity of her emotions. Marilyn Radzat-2010

The Offering is a one of a kind vampire bride  doll art that was featured in Doll Art Magazine.


 Artist bio and provenance included. This will be double boxed and insured.

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