Whiskers Doodles Cat


Is it a toy or is it art?

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Whiskers Doodles Cat

Whiskers Doodles Cat  will never have curiosity kill this cat. Whiskers™ the Doodles® Cat is the purrfect feline to lessen the stress of your daily routine. Her adjustable joints and flexible limbs allow her to hold any pose for as long as you need—she even has an additional joint in the middle of her body, allowing her to fully arch her back or curl up in a ball to hold odds and ends securely on your desk. She never rusts, never rests, never eats, never sleeps and definitely doesn’t smell up your work space with kitty litter. Whiskers never leaves the side of her companions, Adam™ the Doodles® Man and Rover™ the Doodles® Dog, and she’ll be your friend for life too!  Is it a toy or is it art?


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 in


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