Lori Riley

Lori’s Gallery

Lori Riley is a kaleidoscope artists as well a jewelry artist and has combined the two in this unique toy art with kaleidoscope jewelry. As the daughter of Janice Chesnik and sister of Sheryl Koch and Jon Greene, Lori Riley was destined to become a kaleidoscope artist. After 15 years of designing, making and marketing kaleidoscopes Lori took a 13 year hiatus to explore other forms of art and design, honing her skills in jewelry-making and lampworking. Because of Lori’s love of kaleidoscopes and jewelry she has decided to re-release her line of kaleidoscope jewelry under the Riley Designs umbrella.

Along with her daughter, Christina Riley, Lori launched Riley Designs in 2007. It combines her original love for kaleidoscopes with her eye for jewelry, wireworking and design. Initially the line consisted of stunning pendant necklaces with beautiful stones and one-of-a-kind wirework, unique leaf necklaces, and rich pearl designs that incorporate glass lampworked beads. In 2010 the line expanded with great success to include a select line of kaleidoscope jewelry made with stained glass, gold-plated brass and fused glass wheels. They design necklaces and earrings that are both classic and “now” and that appeal to all generations. They are pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

Riley Designs has been worn by celebrities Kerry Washington and Emmanuelle Chriqui. Pieces have also been used in the feature film Lakeview Terrace, the TNT television show Raising the Bar, and the upcoming Teen Nick show Gigantic. The line of kaleidoscope jewelry has been featured in numerous kaleidoscope publications.