Marc Tickle

Marc’s Gallery

Marc Tickle designs multi award-winning glass kaleidoscopes that are sculptural appealing on the outside, and spatially revealing on the inside. His three-dimensional interior images defy the space that they occupy, conveying a harmonic balance of shape, color and form.

Marc says, “My creative energy is truly fed in the design process. I slump and fuse glass, using Italian flame-working techniques. I roll out clay and fire the molds, upon which I slump the glass. I make my paint from mica powders which I then use to reverse paint on the glass.”

Since moving from his native England in 2000, now lives in Asheville, NC with his wife and two young children. He says, “I absorb my inspiration from the natural complexity of my surroundings. An occasional glass of wine at night and some delicious cheese helps, too!”