Bart Ball Nerful by Parker Brothers 1985



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Bart Ball is the father of the Ball family. Everyone knows him as “Bart Ball the doughnut salesman”, who loves to tell the corniest jokes around. 1985 Parker Brothers, Nerfuls are a “group of bouncy, colorful little creatures who love fast action and great fun! This Nerful factory sealed was from Toy Trade show in 1985 and has been packed away the box was never in a retail store so even has punch intact thou the scotch tape on sides is old and popping and tiny tear in top corner of seal. Nerfuls are early vinyl toys!

Nerfuls are a discontinued line of toy figures produced by Parker Brothers in the 1980s. Figures are constructed of three pieces, interchangeable across the product line, including a spherical vinyl head and a bowl-shaped body to accommodate the ball/head. Wikipedia


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