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Bionic Woman 1977 Kenner Doll is 12” tall, made of vinyl by Universal Studios, Inc-1977 General Mills Fun Group. Made by Kenner. This style #65800 is in outfit of blue pants and snap white jogging jacket with red, white and blue trim. There were 15 outfits available with this doll. This doll is in new condition never removed from box. Tape on back of box has yellowed but box is in new condition. The doll was made in the image of Lindsey Wagner, the star of the show.

“The Bionic Woman” was a spin-off program from ABC’s popular “Six Million Dollar Man.” The main character, Jamie Summers (played by Lindsey Wagner), was injured in a sky-diving accident, and through Dr. Rudy Wells (Martin E Brooks) performed a bionic operation, she died anyway. Another doctor performed cryogenic surgery and brought her back to life-but with bionic limbs. She then became an agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.

The Show aired on ABC from 1976 to 1977 and on NBC from 1977 to 1978. “The Bionic Woman” captured the imagination of toy makers, so many collectibles based on the show are available for today’s collectors.

Reference: “Collectible Television Memorabilia- Dian Zillner-Shiffner Publications

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