Cotton Candy Doll by Robin Woods


1983 Soft Doll

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Cotton Candy Doll by Robin Woods is  from the Mardi Gras Clowns Collection in 1983. Originally belonged to West Coast Sales Representative Terri Rehg. Doll is aprox 21” tall including top hat. Cotton Candy is dressed in pink satin top hat and tails and a gold trimmed ruff. Doll is in excellent condition with original box.

Robin Woods, Inc began shipping dolls from its factory in Pittsburgh on August 22, 1983. The production staff consisted of 12 people: a floor supervisor, 6 sewers, 1 stuffer and closer, 2 artists, 1 screen printer, and 1 packager; there were three people in the office: Robin -the Artist, Bob-the Sales and Marketing Genius (truly!), and Donna–customer service and office manager. The first dolls were made of cloth, with formed fabric faces, made from a technique which Robin developed in her kitchen. There were three series: The Premiere Collection; The Poetry of Childhood Collection; and The Mardi Gras Clowns.

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