Disney Snow White Wood Game Set


Walt Disney’s  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wood cut figures from the 40s.

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Disney Snow White Wood Game Set wood cut figures from the 40s. In 1937, Disney’s innovative first full length animated feature, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, was released to critical acclaim and worldwide success. This is a remarkable set of Disney Snow White Wood Game Set wood cut figures from the 40s. Auction house listed as  a rare never seen game parts. Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers and Sieberling all made games when Snow White was first introduced yet I have been unable to find photos of figures only exterior boxes so the auction house could be correct. Also at the time there were cards included in bread and similar foodstuffs to collect. Another possibility could be these were collected from promo foods and then some skillful relative mounted and cut out the figures for a child to play with thou a visitor to the gallery told me he had a boxed set and this was how they were sold…. Wonderful set regardless.

NOTES: tallest – Snow White – 3.5″ Her stand is 1-5/8″ x 3-1/4, Dopey & Sleepy share a stand. Doc has lost his stand. Retail Value Estimate: $150-$225 Condition: Doc missing stand / faded / worn/ aged Weight: 4oz Measurements (LxWxH): 7.25 inches x 5.5 inches x 3.5 inches

Auction House References: The Wonder of American Toys 1920-1950 by Charles Dee Sharp, Toys and Prices 2009 by Tom Bartsch, Antique Trader Toys Price Guide, The Official Hake’s Price Guide to Character Toys Provenance: -Five Brothers Rare Toy Estate: The core of the collection was actually established in the 1950s by the father (from Indiana) of the adult sons who are consignors to the May sale. As time went on, each of the five brothers set out on his own individual collecting path. Each took a different approach to building his collection, but the one important thing they had in common was a love of vintage American toys, primarily of the boomer era. The time-span for the toys is heavily focused on the 1950s and 60s, with a few from the 1970s.

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