Dorothy Hamill Doll and Her Ice Skating Rink 1977 Ideal


She spins & skates just like real ice!

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Dorothy Hamill Doll is a 12” vinyl doll created by Ideal Toy. Doll is new in box but box is in fair condition if you collect box instead of doll. Doll was made in Hong Kong and then repackaged in USA.

The Dorothy Hamill celebrity doll portrays her as the American 1976 Innsbruck, Austria, Olympic figure skating champion.

Ideal Toy Corp made the doll in 1977 and it was called “Dorothy Hamill and her Ice Skating ‘Rink’ ”  The included “skating rink” doll stand and instructions allow you to pose and spin the doll. The doll is wearing ice skates, a red skating outfit, and an Olympic gold medal around her neck. The hair is styled in the famous Dorothy Hamill bob.  Legs and arms bend and the wrists have a joint to position the hands.  Neck only goes right and left and the shoulders and hips only move forward and backwards.

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Dimensions 15 × 14 × 3 in

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