Dracula Diorama Gourd O Rama by Wendy Giminski


Original gourd art!

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Dracula Diorama Gourd O Rama by Wendy Giminski

Dracula Diorama Gourd O Rama by Wendy Giminski is an original piece of gourd art with original art and clip art applied. Dracula is  from one of the most watched movies ever. 6.25″ with stem and 3″wide 3″ deep.

Collage, Diorama, Gourd-o-ramas have plastic toys, some altered, some not, decals of my original drawings, copies of vintage ads and illustrations altered and composited in and on the Gourd. All combined to make a weird scene just because I’m OBSESSED with Aliens, 50’s B-grade sci fi movies, Star Trek, X-Files, Twilight Zone, 40’s and 50’s pin up and beer ads and illustration styles, Repo Man, They Live, and Dinosaurs. “It’s About Time” to PUT on the GLASSES!

*IMPORTANT NOTE about Gourd Sculptures*
These creations are VERY FRAGILE!
Do not get wet!
Just be CAREFUL!

Wendy Giminski Gallery

Wendy Giminski artist

Famous for locking her keys in her car and actually being a blonde before she turned grey then red, Wendy Giminski has been illustrating, painting, drawing, constructing mixed media Gourd-o-ramas with small plastic toys, and making PBR bottle cap clocks for a REALLY long time.

Recipient of a Georgia Council for the Arts Grant in 1992-93, her BFA from Syracuse University in 1979 “back in the stoned ages”, as her daughter likes to tell her, has earned her many, MANY years of jobs in retail and service industry.

From 2001 to 2010 she was a Computer Graphics Artist for the University of Georgia until they closed her department. The past 6 years have been filled with more part -time retail jobs, more closings, layoffs and unenjoyments “insurance”.

Being basically unemployable due to age and a bad attitude, she is now enjoying being a full time babysitter for her grand daughter (and soon a grand son!) and working on a series of Service Industry paintings. They may never get done. The small one keeps her VERY busy. G-ma found a barely eaten squeeze pack of baby food mixed in with her box of colorful duct tapes and tools. The zebra stripe and paisley duct tape rolls make awesome bracelets, and “someone” got so excited trying them on by the arm load that they lost their food in the mix.

By mix I mean the food was mixed with the duct tape. And found four days later. It’s genetic. 28 years ago when G’ma was just Mom, she found a two year old McDonald’s happy meal box complete with a petrified hamburger hidden in her children’s toys. She knew it was 2 years old by the toy inside which she later used as a model in one of her paintings.

Giminski really hates the whole “Artist’s statement” thing so will reiterate what she said for her grant show back in the day-

Why be Normal? Why be Boring? Get ’em laughing to keep from snoring!

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