Fiesta Pedestal Chesnik Kaleidoscope


Chesnik Pedestal Fiesta Kaleidoscope handcrafted by artist Jon Greene with a 2 mirror system.

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Fiesta Pedestal Chesnik Kaleidoscope is a wonderful kaleidoscope with the design of the exterior almost as beautiful as the art inside of the scope by Jon Greene the Chesnik artist and owner! Small Fiesta Pedestal Chesnik Kaleidoscope with a expanded two-mirror system, made with two wheels: one with artist made millifiore glass pieces and one with stained glass. Each tube starts as raw brass which is buffed to a high polish and coated with a hard, tarnish free surface. This scope is a 9”L, 1.5” brass diameter tube with two 3” diameter wheels Each scope contains a +250 strength magnifying lens for a clear and shaper image. A beautiful curved 9” high hand finished walnut wood pedestal with a brass filigree crown holds the kaleidoscope. (Also available in black with chrome kaleidoscope -email for ship time.) Signed by Jon Greene artist and owner of Chesnik Scopes.

The majority of the image you see as you look through its eyepiece is created by the primary wheel, or the one closest to your eye, and the secondary wheel provides background or accent image. When you unscrew the knob holding the wheels and trade out the wheels front-to-back, you are rewarded with an entirely different kaleidocopic view.* The teardrop eyepiece affords a pristine view of the 8-point mandala. It is available in a 2-mirror system
The kaleidoscope tube itself is 9″ long x 1.5″ diameter, and the wheels are 3″ in diameter. It is attached with a swivel to its custom black stem which is in turn attached to a chrome filligree base. The entire kaleidoscope is 11.25″ tall.

There are several details which make every Chesnik kaleidoscope special. -They seem to amplify light. Even indoors, the image inside a Chesnik kaleidoscope is bright and lively.

-Kaleidoscope is made 2 mirrors. It is fun to explore the difference 1 mirror can make.

-Collectable and fun. If you have two Chesnik ‘scopes, you can get one with 2 mirror optics and the other with 3 mirror optics. and different wheel designs- You can switch them around.

-The wheels feature unique designs. The fiesta wheel is made from millefiori glass the Chesniks make themselves

-The brass tubes and wheel parts have a lifetime no-tarnish finish.

When I started exploring the kaleidoscope world the name “Chesnik Scopes” came up over and over as one of the leaders in the field. I am proud to present them here.


Note: Wheels are handmade and may vary in glass design from picture.


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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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