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This is a custom repaint and retooled  robot art from artist Chris Cinder. Chris has created a new series, “Non-canon Customs and Conversions” This is a new concept at Art Of Toys from Chris’s favorite robot paintings and 3D Hakos. Robot is sitting on a custom base that can be detached. Height is approx 9.5″ including base.

Artist Notes:

The Robots B9 and Robbie kits were made by Polar Lights and Aurora. They are a stock build but with an alternate paint scheme to resemble the popular  robots, called Mobile Suits in the anime, RX-78 and the Zaku II from the hit anime show Mobile Suit Gundam. Robot B9 is painted in RX-78’s colors of blue, white/grey and red with yellow accents.  Robby The Robot is painted to resemble the Zaku II mobile suit. Both got an ample weathering of rust and grime to suggest their exposure to harsh elements on alien worlds. Pretty cool, right? I knew you’d think so. This type of conversion is what I call a Stock Conversion. The kits are built as intended but then given a variant paint job and perhaps some additional elements in the form of weathering.

Chris Cinder is a true born doodler-dreamer turned artist-gamer. His influences are: music, sci-fi movies, comic books, anime, hobby games and video games. Ultimately, his work focuses on story and the characters in that story.  Many of the pieces will follow a character through its adventures and discoveries.

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