German Grandpa Frozen Dollhouse Doll


1850-1920 Germany

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German Grandpa Frozen Dollhouse Doll immobile is 1850-1920 era doll. This little gem has beautiful details gold rim glasses and black tasseled hat. Paint is in great condition based on age of piece. Like the dolls with moving heads, they are made of white bisque, wildly decorated and not fired, so many of them are found without a vestige of color. In mint condition the children’s complexions vary from slightly suntanned to very pale, the old folk’s coloring is of a medium tone.  These little dolls were the early Penny Dolls that were later copied in Japan.

Approx: 2 1/4″

Reference:All-Bisque & Half Bisque Dolls by Genevieve Angione pg 314

“Penny” dolls with the easiest to find on the market are from Japan but there are wonderful versions from Germany and France as well. These dolls are usually made in bisque and are painted in bright colors. Since the bisque is not fired a second time after painting the paint wears off easy. Value is more based on details, condition of paint and arm positions, with crossed arms the most unusual. The dolls were often sold in sweet shops for a penny thus the name. The dolls were also sold in theme sets such as a wedding party complete with a little church or a group of cowboys, cowgirls and Indians. It is more difficult to find these still in sets but they do occasionally show up. These are fun to collect since there are so many varieties out there. I like to display in old print trays with a sheet of glass on front so I can hang on wall.

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