Hula Helicopter Original Wendy Giminski


Opps lost an arm

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Hula Helicopter Original Wendy Giminski has the distinct longer title of “Hula Helicopter -Opps Lost An Arm, Shake It Chop Chop! From the creative wacky world of Ethyleene G who is better known as Wendy Giminski. This is an original gouache painting that is framed with white matt and black metal frame. Wendy brought in this wild collection for Art Of Toys Retrospective Show and we fell in love with the entire collection! Will come with artist statement and provenance!         Framed it is 12.5 x 12.5

Wendy Giminski– Famous for locking her keys in her car and actually being a blonde before she turned grey then red, Wendy Giminski has been illustrating, painting, drawing, constructing mixed media Gourd-o-ramas with small plastic toys, and making PBR bottle cap clocks for a REALLY long time.

Recipient of a Georgia Council for the Arts Grant in 1992-93, her BFA from Syracuse University in 1979 “back in the stoned ages”, as her daughter likes to tell her, has earned her many, MANY years of jobs in retail and service industry.

From 2001 to 2010 she was a Computer Graphics Artist for the University of Georgia until they closed her department. The past 6 years have been filled with more part -time retail jobs, more closings, layoffs and unenjoyments “insurance”.


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