Loco Art Monster T Oliver Kopian


Loco is a monster from the Unusual Suspects Collection from T. Oliver Kopian!

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Loco Art Monster  T Oliver Kopian

Loco Art Monster T Oliver Kopian from Creatures Delight is a one of the fabulous creations by T. Oliver Kopian. Art Of Toys is proud to feature Loco Art Toy Monster that is the second edition from his series “Unusual Suspects” from the  creative and wacky world of Creatures Delight!  The second edition is limited to 1000  and this is 560. Here is Loco with lots of eyes…the better to see you with!

The Unusual Suspects is a collection of limited edition characters with a lineup that is made up of a number of different types of creatures from aliens to pigs, there is definitely something for everyone!

In addition to being signed (as all Tom’s pieces) they are also numbered, limited and come with certificate of authenticity and a bio on Tom!

Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted from start to finish in a unique patented material  known as Rubber Plush®. The finished product is a cross between paper mache, molded rubber and a stuffed animal. All aspects of the process are done by hand… from the original sculpting and molding, to hand stuffing, and ultimately airbrush and detail painting.

Loco is  approx. 9” tall and filled with love!

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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