Malibu Verve Playforever Orange Racer


New zippy racer!

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Malibu Verve Playforever Orange Racer  is a wonderful compact racer in bright orange finish with chrome helmet.. Designed by London designer Julian Meagher. Rubber tires with contrasting mag wheels will dress up your desk or race along with a little one. Playforever Malibu Verve is the perfect little plastic racer at 5.9” long -3.2 wide and 2″ tall.

Playforever is a London based art toy manufacturer. Since 2005, Playforever has been designing a range of timeless and elegant toys that sell at exclusive design retailers. Over the years, industrial designer Julian Meagher has developed his own design language that is now clearly evident in the Playforever line. The style of the toys has developed from merging the flowing lines of vintage classics with contemporary detailing and modern production methods.

Materials: ABS Plastic/Rubber

Age: 1+

English Design, Made in China

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in

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