Nocturnal Bunny kidrobot Munny by Lin Fei Fei


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Nocturnal Bunny kidrobot Munny by Lin Fei Fei

Nocturnal Bunny kidrobot Munny by Lin Fei Fei is a 7″ customized munny by an international artist currently based in Sacramento. The Nocturnal Bunny is hand painted munny with a leather ear and lace and beads headdress and and black lace tutu. Very detailed!

First released in 2012, the MUNNY is a blank vinyl figure designed to inspire creativity and allow everyone to sculpt, destroy, paint, scribble, splatter, pierce, sticker and most of all… to create! Coming in a 4”, 7” and 18” size variant, the smooth vinyl figure with movable joints has become internationally recognized as a gateway to art and toy design.

Artist Lin Fei Fei brings new mural 'Not Your Bunny' to Downtown Sacramento

??NOT YOUR BUNNY?? | Lin Fei Fei has been showing up for Sacramento's art scene with murals for Wide Open Walls, and now, her most recent mural – a huge bunny on sixth street in downtown Sacramento. It’s part of her show “Not Your Bunny" and might change the way you view these fuzzy creatures. Fei's work will be up at WAL Public Market until May 1st.

Posted by ABC10 on Friday, April 19, 2019

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