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Olav Hedgie DanDoll Denmark

Olav Hedgie DanDoll Denmark is from a special branch of the hedgehog family that live in Scandinavia. Hedgies live in gardens, and protect plants by eating harmful bugs, but that’s only part of why they’re special. The other part is the softer-than -silk hair, petting it, as all the Scandinavian boys and girls know, brings good luck. This Hedgie is 11.5″ tall, jointed at neck, shoulders and thighs and sleep eyes. Dressed in original clothes, elastic a bit loose on pants and have a pocket tag from manufacturer. Do not have plastic tube that this originally was retailed in US but will enclose the info band. This has come from my collection and has been packed all these years. From 1982

Hedgies by DAnDoll

Hedgies by DAnDoll

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