Peg O My Heart Miss Auburn Doll



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Peg O My Heart Miss Auburn Doll is an 1940 Kerr & Hinz doll that is still in original box. Miss Auburn is 7″ tall and has a beautiful auburn mohair wig that is glued to her head with a stitched side part. The facial features are painted. Her arms are made of plastic and are strung. The rest of her body is bisque. She has painted on shoes that are black (like Nancy Ann). Kerr &Hinz used Nancy Ann molds and style until sued from Nancy Ann dolls so dolls are often confused She is in excellent condition and in her original box. These dolls were sold nude and the purchaser would make her wardrobe… this doll had a small vintage scrape of fabric in box that is included. There is a cardboard insert that holds her into box that is included. The box itself is of heavy cardboard and is in great condition. Miss Auburn is great for the collector of these historic dolls.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 in

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