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Retro Ray Gun is a fun blast of light and sound for all ages…especially BIG kids – you know who you are!  This toy ray gun comes with batteries that can be changed. It is plastic with a clear barrel tip that lights. The center globe rotates inside with red, green and blue lights. To top it off gunfire noise sounds off when you pull the trigger. Comes in silver and blue or silver and red. 11″ long

A raygun is a type of fictional device that fires a beam of (usually) destructive energy used in science fiction; a form of directed-energy weapon. They have various alternate names: ray gun, death ray, beam gun, blaster, laser gun, phaser, zap gun, etc. They are a well-known feature of science fiction; for such stories, they typically have the general function of guns. Wikipedia




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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 in

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