Sooshie Sea Star by Lala Ortiz


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Sooshie Sea Star by Lala Ortiz

Sooshie Sea Star by Lala Ortiz is a customized kidrobot Munny that has been totally customized with Paperclay and acrylic paint. Sooshie Sea Star comes complete with a dark stained wood block stand making total piece 9″ tall.  First released in 2012, the MUNNY is a blank vinyl figure designed to inspire creativity and allow everyone to sculpt, destroy, paint, scribble, splatter, pierce, sticker and most of all… to create! Coming in a 4”, 7” and 18” size variant, the smooth vinyl figure with movable joints has become internationally recognized as a gateway to art and toy design.

Lala Ortiz artist

Lala Ortiz artist

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  I feel fortunate to have grown up in an environment surrounded by so many interesting people and places.  The early exposure to so many limitless possibilities is part of what has given me the open outlook on life and all that it has to offer.  Pure magic!

I still love making toys, dolls, animals, and puppets.  My favorite medium is clay, all types of clay, combined with anything I can get my hands on!  I use a lot of aged and recycled materials.
My creations are not trying to mimic the plastic toys and dolls that you find hermetically sealed in fancy factory packaging materials.  My creatures are actual beings that come into this realm through me.  Just as each of us has a story so do each of these mystical beings that I have the good fortune of communicating with.  As I sculpt the features into their faces they tell me their stories and histories.  Sometimes they share bits of wisdom, peace and calmness, other times they come through sharing terrible amounts of grief, anxiety, or just plain bad attitudes!  I create from my own life experiences, past and present.  Some good, some not so much, but it all makes up my history and who I am today.

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