Sophia Fairy Doll Kathe Kruse Kruselings


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Sophia Fairy Doll Kathe Kruse Fairy Kruselings set includs Sofia doll who has brown hair and eyes. She wears her green magic dress, boots, wings and her magic flower. Her workaday outfit consists of a pink dress, a denim jacket, ballerina flats and a bag with fringes. For her hair she brings her own hair brush. Doll made of high-quality vinyl, movable joints and lifelike glass eyes. 9” tall

Sofia – Girl of Communication

I’m Sofía. I love nothing more than spending time exploring the sunny outdoors, especially around my home city of Lima, Perú.  Nature holds many mysteries, and thanks to my magic flower I can communicate with all living things to learn their secrets!  I may seem shy, but in truth I like to think carefully about my words before I speak. Exploring nature teaches me the importance of listening and observing problems carefully. If I can’t solve a problem on my own, I can almost always solve it by cooperating with friends! My stuffed animal rabbit, named Turu, enjoys taking a nibble of various plants in nature when I’m not looking, but I’ve got my eyes on him.

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