Stephanie Blythe Original Raspberry Lunch


This exquisite little fairy, “Raspberry Lunch”  has been caught in a cage lined with paper from Tiffany & Co. and a juicy raspberry.

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Stephanie Blythe Original Raspberry Lunch

Stephanie Blythe Original Raspberry Lunch is an exquisite little fairy has been caught in a cage lined with paper from Tiffany’s and a juicy raspberry. This wonderful one of a kind porcelain fairy with real butterfly wings has been created by premier doll artist Stephanie Blythe. When we were putting together the Fairy Show for Art Of  Toys gallery I went in search of Stephanie’s work that I was familiar with from the late 70’s and had a few pieces in my private collection. Each piece is so unique yet the flawless execution and look is recognizable as her work…many have striven over the years to copy her original concepts but she still is at the top of her field as seen in this piece.

The cage is 7” by 5” by 4”

From 1979 through 1996 Stephanie Blythe collaborated with Susan Snodgrass creating miniature dolls 1/12 scale dolls for people who had historic doll houses. They soon found that these people were, with good reason, very particular about the authenticity of the costumes of the dolls they would put in their house. This was creatively restricted for the two talented artists. That’s when they decided to try something where they had no “rules”.

Creating straight from their imaginations, they began making tiny fairies that were so delicate that they often curled up inside of antique tea cups or champagne glasses, and were adorned with real butterfly wings. Stephanie and Susan specialized in making “teacup fairies,” which are now widely imitated by dollmakers around the globe. Stephanie has always been drawn to small things since she was a child and always the smallest one in her class. As a child she would spend hours in the woods playing with fairies and fashioning little plates and cups from tiny acorns. She liked making things in miniature because it draws you into her world and can be intimate and mesmerizing. Stephanie enjoys including intricate detail so that living with her work is contemplative and a constant discovery. The diminutive size also enables the viewer the opportunity to hold some of them in the palm of their hand for a closer, more intimate look.


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