Super Mini NuOp Glow Q-Men


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Super Mini NuOp Glow Q-Men

Super Mini NuOp Glow Q-Men is the latest edition to the popular q-man family.  He’s fun because he is super mini and rubbery and is glowing color! Have him hang from anything magnetic and he has a new personality.  Hang him by his foot or arm or both and we have a new pose and a new attitude.  Or they are like a bunch of mountain climbers hanging by just one magnetic arm.  Peril at any moment.  He loves friends too.  He has a lot of fun connecting with his other buddies and when two or more get together they can do even more poses.  the more q-men the more options and creative exploring ensues.

We like to hang them in groups and different colors from the fridge or my desk.  They like to move around a lot too.  We like to keep them active and they seem happier that way.  Try the Abbey Road pose.

The low down:  They are mini flexible dudes with magnets in their arms and feet.

They also can help you get organized.  They hold notes, reminders, invites, and more to your fridge, school locker, filing cabinet or anything magnetic.  Q-Man is designed to be twisted and bent into acrobatic poses.  Express yourself

Super Mini Q-man Solid comes with 4 q-men and becomes infinitely more fun when purchased in multiples.

  • Dimensions: 1.125″ x 1″ x 0.5″
  • Material: PVC rubber
  • Each Q-Man contains four magnets (one on each hand and foot)
  • Strong enough to hold 10 pieces of paper
  • He’s more enlightening because he is Solid

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1 in


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