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The Fighter Customized Munny by Angelo Esquivel is in honor  of Lucha libre meaning “freestyle wrestling” or literally translated as “free fight” is the term used in Mexico for professional wrestling. This is a one of a kind original 8″ kidrobot Munny customized!


Angelo Esquivel artist

Angelo Esquivel artist


Angelo Esquivel resides in Sacramento, CA and is artist with works in graphic design, paintings, and photography. He obtained a degree in Graphic Design and Business while in Columbia, and studied Photography at UC Davis.

While learning photography, Angelo discovered his passion for composition and striking imagery. He served as an assistant to the UC Davis faculty for 2-years and further developed his skills while providing guidance to students. Since then, Angelo has had multiple art shows showcasing his skill for eye-catching photography.

In 2010, Angelo had has first show utilizing black and white imagery with an emotional appeal. As his style developed, his images took on a more urban pop art style. Eventually, photography was replaced with paintings with pure pop art influences. This type of art allows lots of color and expression in multiple ways, which led to Angelo’s most current themed art – comic inspired pop art.

One show, titled Dia de los Muertos Superheroes, combined two different cultures (traditional and comic) into beautiful and colorful paintings. Other works consisted of retro-pop art comic posters, Saint Valentine’s Day comic themed cards, and Cross-over Superhero Comics posters, necklaces and coasters. Angelo’s artwork crosses over from art galleries to comic conventions with the hopes it brings a unique and energized appeal to fans.

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