Two Headed Creature by Gina Montanino of GG Creatures


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Two Headed Creature by Gina Montanino of GG Creatures is  an original piece of art  handcrafted by Sacramento, California artist. This exciting creation is a new concept based on  a signature design for Gina and a staple of her shows.Materials: fleece, polyester filling, faux fur, acrylic paint, glass eyes, polymer clay. Approx 10″ tall


Gina Montanino

  Sacramento native and self taught artist. I have been creating art since I was very young, having my first art show at age nine. Most of my art consisted of pen and ink, acrylics, felt and just recently started sculpting and making the creatures you see here today. I will continue making creatures. I love that they are art that you can hold and cuddle.

Gina Montanino artist

Gina Montanino artist


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