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Once Upon A Time Quiz Deck Children’s Literature has 48 fact-filled cards per package, Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information—all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards. Great for all ages…make a “educational drinking game” if there is such a thing!

While grown-ups tend to get mired in the humdrum world of reality, the child’s imagination knows no such constraints. Talking animals, scary monsters, pirates and princesses, and magic (especially magic!)—all inhabit a colorful universe familiar to youngsters but long abandoned by most adults. Fortunately, some authors well beyond the age of innocence have managed to retain a map back to that time, blessing us with tales appealing to the child in everyone, regardless of age. From Toad Hall to Hogwarts, from the Grinch to Huck Finn&mdash the 48 cards in this deck will test your knowledge of the fun and fascinating worlds and characters brought to life in the beloved classics of children’s literature.

Size: 3¼ x 4 in.

Published with the Library of Congress; text by Tom Wiener.

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