Vera Fairy Doll Kruselings Kathe Kruse


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Vera Fairy Doll Kruselings Kathe Kruse has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears her pink magic dress, lace-up shoes, wings and her magic gymnastics ribbon. Her workaday outfit is a shirt, a skirt with ruffles, ballerina flats and a cat-shaped bag. For her hair she brings her own hair brush. Doll made of high-quality vinyl, movable joints and lifelike glass eyes. Doll 9”

Vera – Girl of Agility

Hi, I’m Vera. My dream is to be a great dancer in my home city of Paris, France. The other Kruselings think my love of dance is the reason I stay calm and easy-going in all situations.With a twirl of my magic ribbon I can draw elegant shapes into existence from thin air! I love to have last-minute dance parties with friends.My feline friend, Koschka, never leaves my side. However, Koschka doesn’t come close to the grace I demonstrate while dancing!


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