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Worry Eater Monster Betti is a large Worry Eater for your favorite little monster lovers at 12.6 inches tall! We first loved the fun monsters that are extremely soft and cuddly and then found out about the fun concept designer Gerhard Hahn developed. Worry Eater’s adorable zipper mouth provides children with a safe place to share worries … adults could use a place to put their worries as well! Anyone would love a Worry Eater because they are an adorable plush but Worry Eaters are so much more…they serve a purpose, allowing their loved ones an outlet to share their worries and fears.

  • You are invited to write or draw their worries and place them in the Worry Eater’s mouth, so that the Worry Eater can hold onto them.
  • High-quality, super-soft plush and unique, eye catching designs are appealing to everyone. Choose your favorite character!
  • Teaches healthy coping skills and builds self-esteem

Great for all ages that love cute monsters!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 in